How Our Bags Are Made

  • EverMaya’s handbags are handmade and imported from Guatemala. For our line of one-of-a-kind handbags, each process begins with Huipil – blouses which are handwoven and worn by indigenous Guatemalan women. Each piece can take between 1-6 months to weave by hand.
  • We purchase the huipiles from the local artisanal markets, and repurpose them to create our beautiful bags. The indigenous woman from Guatemala will often support an entire family from weaving and selling huipiles in the local markets.
  • Our process of repurposing the huipiles breathes new life into these blouses, with a focus on sustainability and creativity.

  • EverMaya has an in-house design team which creates the design concepts for our bags.
  • Our local workshops are committed to safe, pleasant working conditions and fair wages for his employees. EverMaya’s Director of Manufacturing & Co-Founders visit the local facility on a regular basis to ensure fair treatment of local workers.


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