About Us

 Founded in early 2015, EverMaya is a Fashion & Lifestyle Brand built on the values of being socially conscious and honoring traditional artisanship, while also being innovative and fashion forward. The inspiration for our handcrafted goods comes from our first-hand experiences in Guatemala –a country renowned for its breathtaking landscape, bright, vivid colors, and the highest quality craftsmanship



Handmade in Guatemala. Quality Artisanship. Timeless Mayan Tradition. Fashion Forward.

Our Fashion & Home Collections have been conceived with care to include:

  • Handcrafted designer handbags blending repurposed Mayan textiles & premium leathers
  • Handmade, custom pillow covers using traditional Mayan patterns and fabrics
  • Decorative lamps, architecturally designed
  • Premium, authentic, single-origin coffee

Giving Back

EverMaya is committed to a spirit of philanthropy, including giving back to the communities that make our project possible. Central to our mission, we donate a portion of every sale to Education for the Children, a school in Jocotenango, Guatemala which provides education, nutrition, healthcare, counseling, and career guidance to local children from disadvantaged upbringings. We strive to give back to those in Guatemala who need it most, as Guatemala has given so much to us. We also donate 5% of proceeds from “The Madeline” line of handbags, inspired by Madeline Stuart, to the National Down Syndrome Society.

The Future of EverMaya

As we look towards the future, we are proud that EverMaya is evolving into a brand that is widely respected and recognized, on display in your daily wear and in your homes. We are committed to excellence - from the moment you bring EverMaya into your home to the moment you share your EverMaya handmade goods or favorite EverMaya coffee with the next generation.

How the Idea for EverMaya was Born

The EverMaya story begins with a serene 45-minute boat ride across Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan, one of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring natural bodies of water on our planet. Surrounded by three lush, towering volcanoes, it is more than a thousand feet deep at its core. We edged ever nearer to lean over the sides of the craft, mouths agape, and eyes traveling the slope of the volcanoes, heavenward.

We glided over her surface en route to visit the connecting villages at the foot of the lake. Arrive at any one of these villages, and the Mayan culture sings sweetly to her guests. Come closer – sample her sunny, handmade, quality woven fabrics, her aromatic café with earthy, chocolaty tones. “This is Color Country!” Cara observed, “We are in Color Country!”

A Wedding in Guatemala Springs the Idea Forward

That unforgettable day out on Lake Ati and subsequent sightseeing in three of its apostle-named towns, was the prelude to my wedding ceremony to my beautiful chapina wife, and the seed planted to founding our lifestyle brand, EverMaya. It was the first time that I had the opportunity to share Guatemala with an intimate group of family and friends. Completely unfamiliar with what Guatemala had to offer, what they discovered was the unconditional warmth of the Guatemalan people, its Mayan, time-honed traditions of authentic artisanship, and a temperate, inviting climate that allows for the finest of coffee plants to be grown.

Witnessing the reactions of my inner circle to just a taste of what Guatemala had to offer, it was as if they had just savored the last forkful of a nourishing, flavor-filled meal. Visible contentment. I let out a long sigh of relief. They get why I love this place. And so was the genesis of EverMaya as a lifestyle brand. Conversations became concepts, and friends and family evolved into partners. Our mission is to bring the colors, culture, and artisanship of Guatemala into your home. To enhance your style palette.

-Damian Graybelle, EverMaya co-Founder


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