by Damian Graybelle

EverMaya Goes Viral: The Madeline Stuart Effect

Posted on August 24, 2015

As I take a moment to catch my breath and reflect on the last 6 weeks at EverMaya, my wife and I have often wondered aloud if this is all really happening, or if we have simply been walking through our own Big Fish-epic daydream. Less than 48 hours after the images of our first campaign with the inspirational Madeline Stuart were posted on her Facebook page, they quickly went viral with a capital “V.”

Early articles in The Independent (UK) & Daily Mail (UK) were immediately followed by pieces in People StyleWatch (more than 100,000 shares!) and PopSugar. I remember smiling to myself that Friday evening and thinking, “Well, that was pretty cool.” But the Madeline effect continued to push on like a steam locomotive. That following Monday I did an interview with Today.com, and it grew from there, unabated. Interviews with papers and magazines in South Africa, Norway, Australia, and Spain underscored how hungry people around the world were to hear more about Madeline and her latest project.

The message of inclusion and Madeline’s beautiful photos with our Guatemalan handbags resonated like a sonic boom across demographics and geographies. I am no longer surprised at people’s appetite to actively participate in Madeline’s role in changing the face of fashion. 

The success of our initial campaign inspired us to want to do even more. Our newest launch features a line of beautiful purses handmade in Guatemala, named for and specifically designed with Madeline and her fans in mind. The most satisfying part for me is that with every purse we sell, EverMaya will donate 5% of the purchase price to The National Down Syndrome Society. I am very proud of our partnership with Madeline Stuart and the possibilities for the future.

All of us at EverMaya believe to our core in the value of inclusion and the importance of being a socially conscious lifestyle brand. We are so very appreciative of how supportive our fans, new and old, have been. And I welcome anyone who hasn’t yet purchased from EverMaya (www.evermaya.com) to find out firsthand how the quality of our fashion & home collections is in line with our positive messaging and social mission.

-- Damian Graybelle, President of EverMaya

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